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Wellsense M.A.P™
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The M.A.P™ is the first ever, Continuous Bedside Pressure Mapping System (CBPM). Used seamlessly on any existing bed, the M.A.P™ allows caregivers to place and position patients using actual pressure distribution data. This assists in providing optimal comfort to your patient while reassuring both of you that proper off-loading has been achieved.

Designed to improve compliance, the M.A.P™ is customizable by patient and facility needs, and can be integrated into your current nurse call system. Caregivers will be promptly alerted when scheduled repositioning is needed, and will be able to respond using real-time data to provide the exact redistribution required. The M.A.P™ System serves as an excellent tool to bolster current wound prevention programs and will significantly reduce the threat of hospital-acquired pressure ulcers.

For more information, please contact your local UHS representative.

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