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Aire Select Controller
Agiliti/UHS Prefix:SPM

Product Information

The Plexus® Aire Select™ controller is designed to work with the Plexus® Aire Select Mattress, Aire Select Overlay and Aire Select Safety Mattress. It provides high volume low air loss circulating over 100 liters per minute of air to reduce heat and moisture to help manage the patient microclimate. Its alternating pressure cycles every five minutes for enhanced therapy.

Associated Items

  • SPJ
  • TKA

Clinical Benefits

  • Choice of mattress or overlay
  • Mattress is effective for all stages of pressure ulcers
  • Overlay is effective for prevention and early treatment of pressure ulcers
  • Deep-cell, low-air-loss, selectable alternating pressure therapy
  • User-friendly controller allows for customized therapy
  • Optional foam safety bolsters
  • Oversized top sheet cover for additional protection against shear available in nylon or Gaymar silver, which is embedded with silver ions
  • Suitable for all healthcare environments

User Guides

  • Aire Select Brochure