Quartet® Turn Assist Mattress Controller
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Quartet® Turn Assist Mattress Controller
Mfg:Kap Medical
Agiliti/UHS Prefix:OQF

Product Information

Controller for Quartet® Turn Assist mattress. Internal dual battery for power outages and patient transfers.

The Quartet® solves the challenge of managing high-acuity, complex wounds in one easy-to-use, comprehensive package. Engineered with intelligent auto immersion software that continuously monitors and adjusts to a patient’s changing positions, the Quartet not only accelerates the recovery process, but reduces the burden on clinicians to continuously monitor patient movements and mattress settings, allowing for more time to spend on bedside care.

Every Quartet mattress includes low air loss, pulsation, auto immersion and your choice of alternating pressure, turn assist or continuous lateral rotation.

Associated Items

  • OQD

Clinical Benefits

  • Three mattress models available with auto immersion, low air-loss, pulsation, and alternating pressure
  • Active sensors to monitor and automatically adjust immersion settings to match patient weight and position
  • Internal dual battery for power outages and patient transfers
  • Standard and bariatric mattress options

User Guides

  • OnCare Quartet Brochure
  • OnCare Quartet Training Video