Dolphin (OnCare™) FIS Mattress 8" Replacement, 500 lb
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OnCare Dolphin Therapy Surface Mattress 8
Agiliti/UHS Prefix:TQL

Product Information

Initially developed for dry transport of U.S. Navy dolphins, the Dolphin therapy surface provides Fluid Immersion Simulation®, which reduces soft tissue distortion and promotes optimal blood flow. To accomplish this, the Dolphin FIS software utilizes complex algorithms and a microprocessor to precisely adjust the surface density to the unique anatomical features of each patient, and it automatically calculates the exact settings needed to simulate floating in a fluid medium. As a result, the Dolphin FIS is clinically effective at accelerating the healing of advanced stage wounds, multiple pressure ulcers, flaps, skin grafts, burns and other wound conditions.

This easy-to-use mobile system is available for most frames including hospital beds, operating room tables, stretchers, wheelchairs and bariatric. Please visit for more detailed information.

Required Equipment

  • TQM

Associated Items

  • TJV
  • TQM

Clinical Benefits

  • Prevents and treats wounds by simulating the immersion of the patient in a fluid medium
  • Minimizes soft tissue deformation and maintains near normal blood flow
  • Automatically adjusts to each patient's weight, surface area and repositioning
  • Fits existing bed frames, including ICU, Med/Surg, and Bariatric
  • Allows the bed frame to fully articulate, making patient turns, transfers and egress easier
  • 12-hour battery backup allows for active therapy during transports
  • Clinical benefits prevents and treats wounds by simulating the immersion of the patient in a fluid medium


  • Standard Length:
  • Standard Width:
  • Standard Thickness:
  • Weight Capacity:
    500 lbs.

User Guides

  • Dolphin Fluid Immersion Simulation Quick Reference Guide
  • OnCare Dolphin Brochure
  • OnCare Dolphin Clinical Evidence
  • Sparrow Clinical Dolphin FIS Study
  • VA Study
  • Dolphin In-Service Video

  • Dolphin Video