Kendall Kangaroo 324 Enteral Pump
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Kendall Kangaroo 324 Enteral Pump Infusion Therapy Equipment
Agiliti/UHS Prefix:JEO

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The Sherwood Kangaroo 324 is a pole-mounted pump that includes a dose limit function, touch panel input for rate and dose, and a volume delivered readout. Like the 224 and Pet, it requires Sherwood administration sets to operate. Detachable AC cord. Later versions (Serial number T9222417 and higher) have a 24-hour memory. Rate Parameters: 1-50 ml/hr. in 1 ml increments 50-300 Ml/hr in 5 ml increments Alarms: Flow Error, Low Battery, Hold Error, No Set, System Error, Dose Delivered. Battery: Fully charged last approx. 24 hours at 125 ml/hr. Recharge time for fully-discharged battery approx. 15 hrs.