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Esprit with Stand Respiratory Therapy Ventilator
Mfg:Philips Respironics
Agiliti/UHS Prefix:ACG

Product Information

The flexible Esprit Ventilator combines sophisticated design with easy-to-use features. This microprocessor driven unit is easily upgradeable and offers a range of modes and breath types including volume control, pressure control, and fully integrated noninvasive ventilation. Because it has no need for wall air or compressors, and can be run on either ac power, a battery pack or an external battery, the Esprit's mobility and versatility make it ideal for use in any setting, from hospital to sub-acute care facilities. The Esprit now has a new graphics option available, designed to provide clinicians with immediate, real time feedback in order to optimize ventilator settings. Also available is a new color screen option, designed to enhance the clinicians' ability to identify displays and facilitate the Esprit's already easy-to-use graphical user interface.