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Dash 3000 Multi-Parameter Patient Monitoring Equipment
Agiliti/UHS Prefix:DHD

Product Information

An extensive feature set enables you to create a portable monitoring solution capable of meeting a wide range of acuity demands. Many features you would only expect to find as options elsewhere are standard on Dash 3000 - including 3 and 5 lead ECG. Features:
• Lightweight and rugged for portability
• Advanced clinical parameters including 12SL™ for simultaneous ECG monitoring, GE EK-Pro™ for multi-lead arrhythmia analysis, ICG, mainstream and sidestream CO2 and GE DINAMAP® NIBP with SuperSTAT™
• Networking options include wired and wireless
• Up to 7 waveforms and up to 4 invasive pressures
• High resolution CRG trends for NICU monitoring

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