Dolphin FIS® Mattress 8"
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Dolphin Therapy Surface Mattress 8
Agiliti/UHS Prefix:TRG

Product Information

Initially developed for dry transport of U.S. Navy dolphins, the Dolphin therapy surface provides Fluid Immersion Simulation Therapy which reduces soft tissue distortion and promotes optimal blood flow. To accomplish this, the Dolphin FIS software utilizes complex algorithms and a microprocessor to precisely adjust the surface density to the unique anatomical features of each patient, and it automatically calculates the exact settings needed to simulate floating in a fluid medium. As a result, the Dolphin FIS is clinically effective at accelerating the healing of advanced stage wounds, multiple pressure ulcers, flaps, skin grafts, burns, and other wound conditions.

Associated Items

  • TJV
  • TQM

Clinical Benefits

  • • Advanced 3D immersion technology automatically simulates a fluid environment, which alleviates vertical shear forces, reduces soft tissue deformation, maintains near normal blood flow, minimizes insensible water loss, control unit does not transfer heat to the patient room • Allows the bed frame to fully articulate, making patient turns, transfers and egress easier • 12-hour battery backup allows for active therapy during transport


  • Width:
  • Length:
  • Thickness:
  • Weight Capacity:
    500 lb

User Guides

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