OnCare™ VitalGo Air Mattress Stage 4 for Total Lift Bed™
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The OnCare™ VitalGo Total Lift Bed™ provides caregivers with a unique ability to measure patient weight bearing ratios for progressive early mobility therapy. This industry-leading bed tilts a patient from a 0° flat position to an 82° fully upright position, and any degree in-between. Available options include integrated therapy support surface and bariatric size with motorized drive system. With this innovative technology, patient strength can be improved more quickly, potentially reducing length of stay.

The Total Lift Bed features two integrated scales; one located in the sleep deck and one located in the patented Foot Lifter™ footboard. As the bed tilts, a digital screen displays the weight bearing ratio, allowing caregivers to control and gradually increase weight bearing capabilities for accelerated early mobility, improved ambulation and ultimately, optimized patient outcomes.

Limited product availability. Please work with your Agiliti Account Representative to acquire about this product.