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Equipment Name↑Agiliti/UHS Item CodeManufacturer
DSH DSHMaquet Siemans
AJW AJWHamilton
DRX DRXCarefusion/Viasys
DSY DSYDraeger
DRG DRGDraeger
ANY ANYRespironics
AHP AHPRespironicis
AGA AGAPhilips Respironics
AIR AIRPhilips Respironics
AHH AHHPhilips Respironics
AIC AICPhilips Respironics
AIK AIKPhilips Respironics
EAK EAKCarefusion/Viasys
SEF SEFRespironics/Emerson
ADF ADFPhilips Respironics
MFU MFUPhilips Respironics
DRF DRFDraeger
DRO DRODraeger
DTH DTHDraeger
DTF DTFDraeger
DTK DTKDraeger
DTG DTGDraeger
DTT DTTDraeger
DSU DSUDraeger
DVK DVKHamilton


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